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The Stone Nest

Our family estate in the mountains

feel good, come to yourself and have time for yourself

We and our Stone Nest

Our family estate is located on the edge of the Pyrenees, away from the village and in the middle of the forest at an altitude of about 600m.

Our three children play with donkeys, sheep, cats, chickens, ducks and the tiny creepy-crawlies here in their little paradise. Which we, their parents, improve a little more every day with our heart and soul.
On the way to independent living, we use solar power, heat with wood stoves and drink water from a nearby mountain spring. Fruit and vegetables come from our garden, planted by us with love, and we bake our own bread in a clay oven.

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Our vision

We want to get there, to live completely self-sufficiently. In many places we still notice how difficult it is to manage on our own, because we could produce nails, shampoo etc. on our own, but our days are too short to really manage everything on our own. That's why we have a vision of how more and more people want to live like us and found small settlements together, which can support each other and exchange information..
With our country estate, we also want to enable other people to find their way to nature, so that they too can find their own creative power and fulfil their purpose in life. To this end, we will be offering seminars from the summer of 2022.

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A holiday at the Steinnest


Enjoy our paradise in the middle of the forest, situated between two streams with crystal clear water and a view of the wooded slopes of the mountains. Breathe the clean air and let the silence and peace take effect on you. Experience our radiation-free family country estate (no mobile phones, wifi, Bluetooth or the like).


2 Hobbit Houses (earthen houses built into the mountainside) - Equipment: double bed, table, wood stove, terrace and electricity.

II (2)




The Caravan - Equipment: 2x double bed, table, cooker, refrigerator, wood cooker, terrace and electricity.






Our tent meadow under the canopy of leaves and directly above the witch's house for all those who like to sleep in a tent or under the open sky.

II (1)


II (3)


All accommodations have electricity. In the Witch's House (our communal area) there is an equipped kitchen with gas cooker and fridge, a wood-burning cooker and an internet connection (LAN cable) for free use. There is also a bathroom with shower and hot water.






Optional self-catering or joining our family meals (organic food and mostly from our own cultivation).

Arrival: By plane (Toulouse - transport to the stone nest possible) , train (Boussens) or by car, bike, horse or on foot.



Possible activities in the area:WA (1)

- Hiking

- Mountain climbing

- Caving

- Hiking with donkeys

- Horse riding

- Paragliding

- Swimming in lakes and rivers

- or simply enjoying the healthy air and clean water.

WA (3)



Energy balancing is done by arrangement depending on what is possible for you and for us.